Why am I doing accounting?

QQB 2015 1-Blog May 5th, 2015

Why would you want to spend your time doing accounting or learning accounting and/or bookkeeping unless you are a CPA, CFO, Accountant or Bookkeeper?

The Queen was perplexed at first – why, in the classes she taught for years at College of Marin, and now at Redwood High School through Tamalpais School District – why the students who showed up were small business owners wanting to do their own accounting, then CPA’s themselves who gave up and knew they had to learn this software quickly, then as the economy crashed, mortgage brokers and real estate agents showed up to learn this skill set to get new jobs as bookkeepers.  They flooded in, these trusting people thinking they could learn QuickBooks and they were good to go with accounting.

Don’t get me wrong!  Learning accounting is easy if you know how to do it and enjoy doing it.  It is actually relaxing for me.  Doing a bank reconciliation (in the old days in the Land of Accounting), I got almost as much satisfaction as one gets when they wash the front room window so you can see out well.  You feel like you accomplished something.  You knew it was bullet proof right and you could now forget about it.  That is accounting,

It’s easier than learning Italian!  (We’ll talk later about how the Italian invented accounting – they did, in 1490!).

The Queen finally came to the obvious conclusion that Intuit is very, very good at marketing. They are so good at marketing that they convinced everyone – yes, everyone in most of the first world countries – that if they bought this software they could do the accounting for their small business without an accountant, bookkeeper, CPA, nor CFO and they could save money by doing it.

That could be true if someone bothered to teach the basic accounting pieces needed to do this – then success will prevail.  But that didn’t happen.

In the Land of Accounting we say: “move on”.  If it’s right, we go with it.  If it is wrong, we fix it.  No hand wringing no meetings, no summit conferences, no board meetings.

You know the panic, though, my friends when it is 4:45pm, and you promised to send an invoice to your client by 5pm, who promised they could mail the check out or have it for your next meeting, and then QuickBooks crashes, and you cannot get the invoice out the door.

Of course, at the Queen’s Academy, we do it differently.  We teach you how to set it up correctly the first time.  But for those of you who are not quite ready to attend the Queen’s Academy, we created these blogs.  This is the first.  The Queen doesn’t actually know how this works, I just know that with the blogs I may be able to empower some QuickBooks users to have less headaches.

Queen Pamela also issues newsletters to announce new classes, hot tips in QB, and other options in accounting besides QB.  Sign up and say in tune in the Land of Accounting.

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