“Your class was fun and I learned more accounting in it than any other class. Are you going to be teaching Advanced QuickBooks and/or more advanced accounting?”
Terrie Tower, student in the Queen’s Intro and Intermediate QuickBooks classes

“Pamela has the ability to address all levels of expertise and keep the class moving in a way where I grew to like the QuickBooks software. I appreciated the focus on the practical aspects of what I needed in my own business structure. As I get more adept in using it, I would like to take a more advanced class with Pamela.”
 —Alexandra Theard, Mill Valley, CA

“After years of half-starts on my own, I called Pamela to help me get my business up and running on QuickBooks. With her comprehensive expertise and great sense of humor, we turned two things I previously dreaded, accounting and data entry, into something I looked forward to. Working with the Queen not only produces excellent results, it’s also royally good fun. Many thanks, Queen!”
 Lily, Consultant and Author, Kentfield

“Pamela provides outside accounting services for small businesses. While working for the same client, I saw Pamela take firm stands on timekeeping/reporting when she realized line management practices could get the business owner in trouble. She is quick to speak up when she sees problems and willing to call in others when a situation goes beyond the scope of accounting/bookkeeping. And she stays in close touch with her bookkeeping staff so they have access to her knowledge of QuickBooks when they need expertise.”
Mary Janaitis

“Pamela is truly the Queen of Quickbooks! Her and her team have a great depth of knowledge on how the program works and will actually listen to you and how you operate your business to set-up the system to work for you (we own a Residential Construction Company). This is important, as while QB has all of these bells and whistles, Pamela’s experience yields her unique insight on what really is beneficial.

“In a nutshell, we had to rebuild our entire QB profile when it became corrupted. This involved reentering 3 years of corporate information. Her and her “court” rose to the occasion to rebuild our files (with excellent suggestions on how to improve our accounting practice) and worked seamlessly with our CPA and tax attorney (both who are very well known in the SF Bay Area).

“I have now been working with Pamela and her team for over 4 years and have recommended her to many of my friends who also run businesses (real estate, retail, restaurants) and no matter the sector, she is highly effective, professional and timely. I candidly appreciate her ability to “kick me into gear” when I need to get her info!

“Separately, she is highly regarded in the Intuit community and has been able to save us money on our payroll and POS services! I truly believe that her background as a CFO really propels her to the top consultant in our area — we can’t recommend her more.”
Stephanie Portillo via Yelp, 5-stars

“The Queen lives up to her royalty lineage and knows how to solve accounting challenges. The Queen’s depth of knowledge and business expertise helped solve our QuickBooks accounting problems. Thank you Queen.”
 Greg Snowden, Green Fusion Design Center, San Anselmo, CA

“The Queen has been working with our company for over seven years. Initially she assessed our QuickBooks® company file and internal systems, made recommendations and improvements by bringing payroll in house with Intuit payroll services. She has also hired and trained our bookkeeper and managers. Her expertise in accounting and QuickBooks has saved us thousands of dollars.

“In addition, she set up systems to streamline our personnel procedures and job costing information. Her proactive, problem-solving abilities and high standards of professionalism have enabled our company to make the next leap to doubling our profits. We couldn’t have done it without her!
– Judy Peck, CEO, Building Care Systems

“The Queen of QuickBooks® originally taught me QuickBooks in a class setting. Then, when I needed specific parts of my business customized, she came to my office, set up the data correctly, and trained me on how to use it. Her style is comfortable and upbeat and you find yourself liking accounting. Once she showed me how my information could work for my business, it was easy.

“Now, when I need follow-up questions from her, we schedule a call and she is answers and explains the steps to me over the phone, which is a much more efficient way for me to learn the answers to the questions I have.”
– Patrick Burke, Real Estate Investor

“Long live the Queen of QuickBooks! After one class, she set up my company on QuickBooks and trained me onsite with all the specific needs for my particular business. Then, she got my bookkeeper prepared to do those tasks. Thanks so much for everything! I will remain one of your loyal and humble minions.”
– Brenda Proaps, Figures/ScrImage/Whiz Kids Fitness

“The Queen was referred to us by a friend. She quickly set up the QuickBooks software and payroll with complicated union dues issues. Then, she was able to painlessly migrate our business to a corporation, providing an easy-to-follow QuickBooks conversion chart of our accounts and sole proprietorship balances. Best of all, she made something fairly complex seem so simple!”
– Elisa & Joe Tachis, Cal Pacific Electric

“The Queen of QuickBooks doesn’t wear a tiara for nothing! I run a retail jewelry business in San Anselmo, so the last thing I have time for is accounting. She came to my business, set up QuickBooks on my system and trained my daughter/bookkeeper on all phases of the software, including Sales Tax and Payroll — quickly, effortlessly and efficiently. She also brought all my bookkeeping in house and utilized QuickBooks® for maximizing business marketing and accounting. She is a true Queen of the Accounting Castle.”
– Shara Randal, Gem Reflections

“What seemed like a rudimentary task came alive with excitement at the hands of the Queen of QuickBooks®. In no time, she efficiently set up our businesses with QuickBooks for four entities. She trained a bookkeeper to do all the day-to-day tasks we didn’t have time for. Now, she’s continued as a liaison with our CPA and regularly reviews our accounting.”
– Judy Peck, Ella Sales and Marketing

“Like most of her clients, I first met the Queen of QuickBooks at one of her classes at College of Marin. I then called her to train me on a number of critical business tasks, such as the specifics of creating invoices, doing bank reconciliations, determining beginning balances on loans and asset accounts, and setting up items for customer invoicing. Today, she provides ongoing support for my questions. Overall, I’m extremely pleased to work with the Queen.”
– Cari Ramstad, Ramstad Design

“The Queen helped me see the big picture to run my business better. I didn’t realize how much information I was missing. She gave me the insider information to get my QuickBooks set up the right way and cut through the mass of information with training that was actually fun! Now I’m able to make informed decisions at all times and it’s a snap to run accurate reports for my associates, customers and tax accountant.”
– Elin Bullmann, TheWriteEffect.com