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Master your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Accounts is the “backbone” of your accounting system: It structures your information and keeps you out of pain.

Bent out of shape cartoon by FritzThis prerecorded 1-hour Chart of Accounts webinar is available for you to view at your convenience. In fact, you’ll have unlimited access to it for 30 days. Use promo code 4888bd20 to save $20 when you register.

Although a Chart of Accounts is essential for organizing your information, it can also be confusing. That’s why we provide a free electronic version of the Queen’s perfect Chart of Accounts to use for reference or as a basis for setting up your own.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a new chart of accounts in your company file.
  • Modify an existing chart of accounts without compromising existing data.
  • Structure your list using accounting best practices.
  • Use key functions that will help you administer the program.
  • Produce accurate balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

“I am a bookkeeper and for many years I have not understood what the actual chart of accounts did or how to set it up.  After watching this webinar, and having Pamela walk me through the “baby steps” of what turned out to be a very easy setup, I now do understand the chart of accounts and how it works.  And I did it in one hour of my time.  Now I get it.  Thanks to you, Pamela.”

—Sadie, Chart of Accounts Webinar participant

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