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Newsletter June 3, 2011
Inside today’s newsletter:

~ Introducing: Tips & Tricks for QuickBooks Users

~ One spot left for Master QuickBooks – register now!



Tip #1 — Re-sort your Chart of Accounts

When the Chart of Accounts (CoA) is originally set up the accounts are sorted by type and then by number.  However, when changes are made to the CoA, accounts are often left out of order, which makes it confusing to find what you are looking for on the list.  To fix this you need to re-sort the list:  With the Chart of Accounts open, click on the bottom left button “Account” and then choose “Re sort list.”

Master QuickBooks in Just Two Evenings

There’s one spot left in the popular Master QuickBooks class beginning Monday, June 6th. In just two evenings, you’ll learn to use the essential functions of this powerful accounting software, including:

  • How to set up a new company file.
  • Setting up checking and credit card accounts and reconciling them.
  • Preparing checks and paying bills.
  • Invoicing your customers, receiving payments, and making deposits.

See the Queen’s Academy for additional classes, details (convenient San Rafael location), and to sign up. Class sizes are small, and seating is limited, so you’ll get all the individual attention you need to master the material.




Pamela Lyons, the Queen of QuickBooks, provides clients with easy-to-use, efficient, time and money saving solutions for all their accounting needs.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!


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