July 2009 Newsletter


Call the Queen of QuickBooks: (415) 925-1830

Call the Queen of QuickBooks: (415) 925-1830

Who’s on your Team?

We’re well into summer, but I’m not talking baseball here. I’m referring to the teams we all need to help manage our businesses. Your team members may include a tax accountant, a banker, an attorney, and other professionals.

You don’t need these people on your payroll full-time, but you do
need to use their services on a regular or occasional basis.

It’s important to get the right team members working for you, because the better your team is, the better your business will be. So, who’s on your team? Do you have all the right players in place?


Do you need a Bookkeeping SWAT Team?


If you need the services of a professional bookkeeper, the Queen of QuickBooks can help. Her team of experts can help you whip your 2009 accounting records into shape. Why do you need ship-shape accounting records?

  • To help manage your cash flow better.
  • To determine the most profitable segments of your business.
  • To get in position for effective end-of-year tax planning.
  • So you can make smart, informed business decisions.

Many of the Queen’s clients find this arrangement provides an ideal solution for their bookkeeping needs: it’s professional, efficient, and cost-effective.

Reserve one of the Queen’s bookkeepers today, to ensure that your 2009 accounting records are in good order.

There’s still time to get your 2009 accounting records into good shape, with the help of a good bookkeeper. The Queen will:

  • Source qualified bookkeepers.
  • Vet them based on your needs.
  • Train them on the specifics of your business.
  • Manage them.
  • Provide backup.
  • Act as an expert resource when complex questions arise.

Call today for a free consultation to determine whether one of the Queen’s bookkeepers should be on your team: (415) 925-1830. You won’t believe how easy it can be!