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A Christmas Story

December 2009
Lucy Lou was found wandering the streets of Sacramento in 110 degree August heat. The Good Samaritan who found her took her to the local shelter. The Sacramento Schipperke Rescue Group picked up the little dog they soon dubbed “Lucky”. They placed Lucky in a foster home and began her extensive medical recovery. They searched for two months to find her owner, with no success.


They did, however, find that Lucky was a very loving little dog. She was very grateful to have a warm place to sleep and someone to care for her.

Lucky found her way to the Queen via the rescue group, and upon her adoption was renamed “Lucy Lou.” She went from a scared, lonely dog, to a happy, attentive dog within weeks. She ran with abandon with her little left hind leg sticking out (a previous break that never healed properly?), and was eager to give and receive love, sit on your lap, and lick your hand. She was overjoyed to find that the Queen had young grandchildren to play with!

She is now a happy, confident dog – brave and confident enough to sit on that strange man’s lap in the red suit and get her picture taken.

What a wonderful time of year to reflect on how many generous, loving angels were out there to take Lucy from the streets to her new home. And Lucy has been an angel herself, bringing love and warm spirits back to the Queen, who had lost her beloved dog “Poncho” just a few months earlier.  Blessings and joy abound!


We wish you all a safe, warm, loving holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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