August 2009 Newsletter

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Is your paperwork piling up?

Were you unable to take a vacation this summer because the paperwork was piled up, or because you didn’t want to leave your business, even for a few weeks? We don’t always take the time we need to relax and rejuvenate, but the Queen of QuickBooks can help you get away.

Read on to find out how she helped one busy client enjoy his vacation this summer.


Meet Bob:

Bob owns a plumbing and heating business, and most of the time he manages the books himself. For a couple of weeks every year the business hums along nicely while Bob enjoys a well-deserved vacation, knowing all is under control back at the fort. He returns refreshed and ready to dive in to work … but it wasn’t always this easy.

Bob had a problem:

Keeping the accounting books up-to-date was complicated and time-consuming. Bob wasn’t even sure he was doing it right, because the hours his laborers reported never seemed to match up with the hours he invoiced for a job. When he did leave, things really fell through the cracks.

Then Bob called the Queen of QuickBooks.

The Queen helped Bob set up his QuickBooks correctly with labor allocation, job costing, and integrated payroll. Once the accounting was set up correctly, all Bob had to do was enter the hours and what job they were for. The Queen made it easy to determine job costs, prepare invoices, and accurately process payroll—all with a few keystrokes.

Now Bob can do it himself, quickly and accurately. And when vacation time rolls around, one of the Queen’s Royal Bookkeepers steps in to keep things running smoothly.

The Queen’s Bookkeepers work while you relax.

Did you know there’s no vacation in the Land of Accounting? That’s right: The Queen’s specially trained Royal SWAT Team rotates their vacations, so someone is always available to help keep your business running by paying the bills, processing accounts receivable, making deposits, keeping your accounting records up to date, and making sure the payroll checks go out—even if you’re not around.

Would you like to be sitting in Bob’s chair?

Bob was able to enjoy his time off because he planned ahead, got his records in order, and made arrangements for vacation coverage. You can use the same cost-effective strategy. Whether you’re considering a vacation or beginning your year-end tax planning, you’ll rest easier knowing the Queen has set up your company file correctly.

Free consultation…

Call (415) 925-1830 for a free consultation with the Queen herself. She will ask about the specifics of your business and help you determine whether one of the Royal Bookkeepers could be helping you or if direct training for your bookkeeping staff would be the most effective.


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