A highly successful San Francisco contractor had a great bookkeeper

A highly successful San Francisco contractor had a great bookkeeper for years, then she left and another bookkeeper arrived and she messed up the QuickBooks company file.  (You would be surprised how many calls I get like this).  After two years of tenuous tax returns, my client asked that we take over the accounting, do it correctly and rebuild the QuickBooks system with a new company file.  My client is on a MAC.  He used Intuit Assisted Payroll which will only integrate with QuickBooks for the PC (Desktop version).  He had a PC laptop where he kept all of his accounting data and the ability to process payroll .  The bookkeeper had to work on a moving laptop.

We took on this interesting and challenging project and began by moving the QuickBooks company files to the cloud-based site I use so that three different people could work in the QB file.  The client only wants the accounting done correctly and his finances to be bullet proof.  We, the bookkeeper and CFO on the project, want to work in a collaborative, more efficient environment – just like they do at IBM, Intel, CocaCola, American Express and other big corporations.  Their entire networks live on the cloud.  The Queen’s MicroSoft Exchange Server is on a hosted environment.  And I use Siri when I need to hear someone say: “What can I do for you this afternoon?”

The cloud is here.  Learn what it is and make it work for you.

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